Phenolyzer stands for Phenotype Based Gene Analyzer, a tool focusing on discovering genes based on user-specific disease/phenotype terms.

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Please note that the Phenolyzer server is now moved to a new host in Jan 2022. All submissions older than one day are deleted at 8PM EST.

Phenolyzer server is migrated to new host in May 2019. Please report problems if you encounter any. All user submissions will be deleted after 3 days to save server space.

Phenolyzer server is updated on 12/3/2018. When you input disease names (such as "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis") rather than phenotype terms (such as "thin upper lip vermilion", make sure to select "Phenotype Interpret" to "Disease Only" mode.

Please use semicolon or enter as separators. Like "alzheimer;brain".
Try to use multiple terms instead of a super long term
OMIM IDs are also accepted, like 114480 for 'Breast cancer'
Please enter 'HP:0002459;HP:0010522;HP:0001662' as HPO IDs.
Please separate genes by semicolon or enter. Entrez IDs are also accepted here.
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Hui Yang, Peter N. Robinson, Kai Wang. Phenolyzer: phenotype-based prioritization of candidate genes for human diseases. Nature Methods, 12:841-843 (2015).


Phenolyzer server is updated to match Phenolyzer new version, with updated knowledgebase on gene-phenotype relationships.


Phenolyzer server is updated to match Phenolyzer new version, with improved handling of HPO terms and more extensive phenotype expansion on input terms.


OMIM database is updated


Phenolyzer webserver is being migrated! You may experience page loading problems and other issues.


OMIM database is now updated to 2016-08-04 version!


OMIM database is now updated to 2016-01-24 version!


Due to copyright issues, GeneCards database is no longer provided in Phenolyzer.